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Several years ago we took another step towards fulfilling our ultimate goal.  We bought a farm so that we could bring in the freshest produce for our restaurants and highlight them in our delicious food.  We are committed to using natural farming methods and no pesticides.  Throughout the year, we use as many of our own herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables as possible.  During our Fall harvests, restaurant employees and owners gather to pick dozens of bins of butternut squash--one of our most popular breakfast sides dishes.

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What's Happening

-2021 has been another interesting year, but our Butternut just kept growing.  We recently harvested thousands of pounds of this trusty squash and it'll be ready for your plate soon. 
-As you know, it's always Butternut time for us. 

If they aren't actively growing, we are carefully surveying, curing, and prepping them. 
-Our feathered friends are happy and strong -- some are even laying eggs!
-Herbs are growing & being harvested 
in our greenhouse until the cold really sets in.

If you would like more information about
our farm and what we're currently growing, check our social media accounts. 
Please note, our farm is not currently open to the public.

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Painted Leaves
Painted Leaves
La Provence Butternut Squash Harvest